Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Hairy Proposition

excerpt from American Spa Magazine.

Male waxing is increasing in popularity, as many men are embracing treatments that would give pause to even the most brave-hearted.

Much about men’s waxing has changed since Steve Carell was sent into curdling howls of pain by a wax-yielding esthetician in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” From David Beckham to the cast members of “Jersey Shore”—well-built, health-conscious, perfectly groomed male celebrities are everywhere. This isn’t metrosexuality 2.0 we’re talking about—it’s the new Zeitgeist in masculinity.
What’s Trending
With so many men concerned about their overall look, it’s no surprise that many spas offering men’s waxing have reported a significant increase in clientele. Chest, back, and shoulder basics have grown overall, but men’s newfound willingness to experiment is most exemplified by an uptick in less common procedures like ear, nose, eyebrow, and below-the-belt waxing treatments. The former two services are popular among men 40 and older while the latter is almost exclusively popular among the young and single. Brow waxing has grown for all age groups.
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