Friday, May 11, 2012

Trojan Horse

via The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

 A Victory!

We did it!  Together, we’ve made Congress pay attention to the need to overhaul our broken 70 year old cosmetics laws.
 Our team has beaten back attempts by the cosmetics industry to fast-track legislation that would allow the big cosmetics companies to write their own rules with a rubber stamp from the FDA — for now.

Not only has Congress held the first hearing on cosmetics safety in 30 years, it also decided not to attach the industry cosmetics bill to a fast-moving must-pass FDA-related bill—all thanks to letters sent by thousands of supporters like you demanding that any cosmetics safety bill must lead to meaningful reform that protects consumers, workers and your right to know what’s in the products you use.

This is a real victory and a HUGE thanks goes out to all of you who wrote letters, blogged, called and helped spread the word! 

Tell Congress to Stop Industry's Trojan Horse Bill

We need your help to beat back a new bill that would actually make things worse for consumers. A Trojan Horse Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry lobby is still at it!
We need your help to beat back a new industry bill that would actually make things worse for consumers.

“The Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012” was recently introduced by Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ). This bill was written by the Personal Care Products Council, a trade association that represents the big multinational cosmetic companies. 

This is a classic Trojan horse – it may sound like a step forward on the surface but the “fine print” inside the bill would allow industry to continue placing profits over public health. 

This industry-backed bill would make things much worse than they are now,essentially making decisions about ingredient safety made by the industry-funded Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel binding on FDA -- something that, according to a top FDA official, would be “unprecedented” and possibly unconstitutional.
This bill would put into law the current system that allows the industry to “self-regulate” the safety of cosmetics which has resulted in carcinogens in baby shampoo, lead in lipstick, formaldehyde in hair products, hormone disruptors in fragrance and mercury in face creams. It would also handcuff states from taking action to pass locally tailored policies to protect the health of their own state residents.
For the first time in 30 years Congress is paying attention to cosmetics safety and NOW we need your help to demand REAL reform.

Please write your member of Congress today and demand meaningful reform that protects our health.

Our message is simple: Any new laws must get rid of the worst chemicals in cosmetics that can cause cancer or reproductive harm. They must also require companies to be transparent and honest about what’s in their products and they must include a strong safety standard to make sure decisions about ingredient safety protect the most vulnerable populations –babies, children, pregnant women and workers. New laws must also ensure that states retain their right to regulate toxic chemicals to protect people’s health.
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