Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Scents: Aromatherapy for Men

excerpt from  Susan Link, Universal Companies

Many men seek aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and pain and as an alternative health treatment.

Men stand to benefit from the emotional and physical effects of holistic aromatherapy as much as women do. You just need to know which oils to choose. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Most men enjoy a wide range of essential oils with masculine aromas. These oils tend to fall into one of four categories: earthy, spicy, woody, citrus.
Carrot Seed – Cell regenerative, wonderful for skin
Clary Sage – Euphoric with sedative, soothing aftereffects
Frankincense – Rejuvenating, cellular regenerating, calming, and meditative
Patchouli – Excellent for skin and very grounding
Vetivert – Known as The Oil of Tranquility, grounding, sedative
Clove Bud – Antiseptic, antiviral
Cinnamon Leaf – Very stimulating
Cardamom – Sweet and excellent for digestion
Thyme  – Warm and herbaceous
Marjoram  – Warm and herbaceous, soothing and fortifying
Myrrh (ESR7754) – Warm, rich, antiseptic, and a great tonic
Cedarwood, – Warm and sweetly balsamic, with camphoraceous notes
Spruce – Fresh balsamic, clearing, and toning
Pine, Scotch – Sweet and spicy balsamic, very clearing and a great pain reliever
Ho Wood – Sweet and reminiscent of rosewood, rich in linalol.
Sandalwood – Healing and soothing for irritated skin
Juniper – Sweet and fresh, detoxifying, and energizing
Lime, Distilled – Refreshing, uplifting, and antiseptic
Orange, Sweet – Uplifting and fruity, a great mood enhancer
Blood Orange – Energizing antidepressant that's also cleansing
Grapefruit – Gentle cleansing for the body and a mood enhancer
Lemon – Sharp aroma, cleansing, and antiseptic
Mandarin – Good for stretch marks and congested skin types
No matter how you are incorporating aromatherapy into your regimen – massage, bath soak, steam room, facial, or simply diffusion – always be sure to follow the appropriate contraindications for the essential oils you are using.
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