Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toxic "Non-Toxic"

via The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

Did you hear the news? California’s Department of Toxic Substances revealed that a variety of nail polishes contain high levels of hazardous chemicals despite product labels claiming otherwise. These chemicals, dibutyl phthalate and toluene, have been linked to birth defects, asthma and other chronic health conditions.

Labels shouldn’t lie, and whether you’re a nail salon worker or taking your daughter out for a mani-pedi, you should be able to trust
that the products you’re using are safe.

Study finds “Non-toxic” nail polish still toxic despite label claims --Yet another scandal, yet another reason why we need REAL reform now!

This is yet another example of industry self-regulation gone wrong—tell Congress it’s time to fix our broken cosmetics laws now!

The good news: Congress is finally paying attention. Last month the House held the first hearing on cosmetics safety in 30 years and is considering updating our 70 year old cosmetics laws.
The bad news: The big cosmetics companies are pushing hard and spending big to keep the broken status quo in place—and we need your help to push back!

Help us tell Congress, enough is enough! We need real reform now!

Our message is simple: Any new laws must get rid of the worst chemicals in cosmetics that can cause cancer or reproductive harm. They must also require companies to be transparent and honest about what’s in their products and they must include a strong safety standard to make sure decisions about ingredient safety protect the most vulnerable populations – babies, children, pregnant women and workers. New laws must also ensure that states, like California, keep their right to regulate toxic chemicals to protect people’s health.
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