Monday, February 13, 2012

Want to Fake Your Age? Take Care of Your Hands

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I believe it is true that you can best judge the age of a woman by her hands.  Left as possibly the most susceptible skin to the elements, our hands are exposed to most everything in which we come into contact.  It is important for us to protect the skin on our hands to keep them looking healthy, smooth, and youthful.
Learn what causes aging on our hands and how to make a habit out of taking care of our most valuable tools.

Causes of Skin Aging on the Hands

UV exposure causes at least 90% of the wrinkles, lines and age/sun spots on hands. That’s why the sun-exposed areas, including the backs of the hands, are highly susceptible to damage. Generally, the hands and the face are the only body parts that are constantly exposed to UV rays and environmental damage. Hands are especially vulnerable to UV damage while driving in the car, but most women don’t apply  sunscreen  just to drive. Although UVB rays (which cause burning) do not penetrate the windshield, UVA rays (which cause skin aging) reach the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. When melanin-producing cells, called melanocytes, are damaged, age spots begin to form.
Additionally, unlike most of the body (unfortunately), hands have a very thin fat layer, which normally plumps the skin. In the absence of this fat, the veins become much more prominent. Now, do you need any more reason to show your hands a little TLC?
The following measures can be taken to treat and protect the delicate skin of the hands:
  • Use products with retinol to increase skin’s natural collagen production, increase cellular turnover, thicken the skin, and lighten age spots.
  • Use a broad-spectrum  sunscreen  with an SPF 20 or higher to protect against future sun damage.
  • Keep a tube of SPF hand lotion like Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20 in the car, and apply it at the first opportunity to hands and wrists.
  • Use at-home exfoliation treatments to dissolve dead skin cells and polish the surface to reveal smoother skin. • Intense moisturization is critical for the hands, cuticles and nails. At nighttime, a barrier repair lotion will prevent moisture loss.

Finger Tips

Make applying your moisturizer convenient and a habit by placing products at your finger tips:
  • Apply hand cream and cuticle cream after showering and bathing, as it will help seal in moisture.
  • Keep a hand cream dispenser by your kitchen and bath sink so that you learn to apply immediately after hand-washing.
  • Apply hand and cuticle cream right before bed, when our bodies are rejuvenating.
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