Monday, January 16, 2012

Youth Elixir

Vie Collection has just launched a new serum: Youth Elixir 3.2 System.

As you may know, this is the skincare line I am most loyal to. Though I have to sample and test many skincare brands, this is always my "must have" range. It is instant gratification in regard to result-focused skincare for anti-aging.

Don't get me wrong, the other skincare brands I carry are all great for the skin. Vie just packs the biggest punch. This is luxury skincare for those who are serious about their skin.

Use this new serum as a booster to your current moisturizer.

A concentrate of technology capable of doubling the visible rejuvenating effectiveness of your usual skin care. Its high-tech formula contains 3 advanced ingredients selected to act on 3 major factors of skin aging:
1 | Intrinsic skin aging: stimulate weakened skin cells.
2 | Oxidative skin aging: combat free radicals by balancing the ratio of oxidants and the antioxidant system.
3 | The glycation phenomenon: combat the adherence of sugars to collagen fibers, which causes tissue damage, and restore suppleness and resilience to the collagen fibers.

Here are the IMPRESSIVE RESULTS for the new Youth Elixir 3.2 System:

Increased elastin sythesis: +223%
Increased collagen sythesis: +439%

Skin is velvety: 95%
Complexion is more even: 79%

Rejuvenating effect is intensified: 82%
Skin is smoothed: 86%
Smooth complexion and less wrinkles: 83%

* In vitro test on the aqueous solution containing the ingredients of Youth Elixir.
** Clinical study: self-evaluation by 23 volunteers, 2 applications a day of Youth Elixir + usual anti-aging care vs. anti-aging care alone, for 28 days.

To celebrate the launch of this amazing new serum, please enjoy this or any Vie Collection skincare for 20% off - now through January, 23rd. Vie sales are few and far between so don't miss out!
Enter NEWVIE upon checkout to receive discount. 

Because we anticipate selling out of our inventory quickly, there may be a delay in receiving your order until our next delivery arrives in about a week. Thank you for your patience.
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