Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Vie Collection Ritual

Effective cleansers and make-up removers, the Rituel de Vie products also offer ideal skin preparation to optimize the application of skincare products. They offer a wonderful, relaxing therapy by preparing the skin to help it combat the damaging effects of stress that weaken cells and diminish their receptiveness to ingredients.

The research on stress, carried out by the Vie Collection laboratory, revealed the exceptional properties of Helichrysol. This seaside plant, exposed to many harsh environmental conditions (UV rays, wind, salinity, etc.), has created its own defense system by producing relaxing, aromatic molecules. Enriched with an extract of these molecules capable of reducing levels of the hormone responsible for skin stress by up to 76%, the Rituel de Vie range provides an ideal beauty ritual. Skin is perfectly replenished and relaxed, and regains its serenity, balance, and vitality.


The history of Vie Collection is the history of life, its beginnings, and its evolution. How was life able to develop deep in the sea over 3.5 billion years ago and give rise to marine and then earth-growing plants? Fascinated by the mysterious alchemy at the origin of life, the Vie Collection researchers worked for over ten years on its creation and means of adaptation: year after year, they isolated essential elements from the marine, earth, and mineral environments and assembled them to create the best ingredients.

THE ESSENCE OF LIFE IS CAPTURED IN A UNIQUE COMPLEX Protected by four patents and foundation for all Vie products, Concentré de Vie infuses skin with new vitality. Extremely rich in trace elements, amino acids, polysaccharides, and phytosterols, it provides energy, hydration, and protection against cellular aging.

The internal dynamic of the cells is a complex phenomenon. With time, it is reflected on the skin’s surface, visibly changing the appearance of the face and figure: superficial wrinkles, deep wrinkles, sagging of the face contour, dark spots, loss of firmness, localized areas of fat… Their laboratory continues its research, precisely studying the changes of the skin throughout life and the symptoms of skin aging.

Experts in skin microtectonics, their researchers have designed ultra-effective, corrective ingredients, crystallized in exceptional textures, to counteract these problems. Vie Collection offers a new beauty regime that complements each woman personally. Customized products and treatments, targeted for each beauty concern, take into account the specific morphological features of each area of the face and body.


Vie Collection benefits from a research & development laboratory on the cutting edge of science. It is composed of a team with diverse and complementary specializations (development of ingredients, skin biology, formulation, texture prospective, etc.).

The key ingredients and major scientific breakthroughs are patented and integrated in cutting edge products. Their laboratory also uses the most advanced extraction methods, derived from the pharmaceutical field to collect only the purest molecules.

Technical mastery and technological expertise go hand in hand for the incomparable ability to defy the signs of time.


Therefore their products are subjected to a series of effectiveness tests. These tests are carried out on wide panels of volunteers and require statistically significant rates.

They carry out numerous clinical tests. In vitro or ex vivo, these tests use sophisticated measuring devices: balistometer, chromameter, corneometer, 3D reconstruction and imagery. We cross-check a single product with several tests in order to obtain precise, multi-parameter* results.

Each product is also subjected to the judgment of consumer panels to evaluate the real perception of quality and performance of our products.

By entrusting their tests to extremely rigorous independent laboratories, they guarantee objective and reliable results. Their goal? Excellence! If the results of these tests do not meet their standards, their products are not released on the market, but rather returned to the laboratory to be reformulated.

 * Efficiency results measurement device
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