Thursday, January 12, 2012

Travel Skincare



ANTI-AGING CLEANSER: 1 fl oz. / 30 ml
ANTI-AGING MIST: 0.67 fl oz / 20 ml
ANTI-AGING SERUM: 0.67 fl oz / 20 ml
ANTI-AGING MOISTURE: 1 fl oz. / 30 ml

Your skin shows what your body knows. All day, everyday, it battles free radicals. The result is inflammation, and the by-products are blemishes, bags, lines and eventually wrinkles. Conventional products conspire to help you ignore this fact, for now. Synthetics huff and puff, temporarily inflating skin to disguise lines. Skin looks smoother for the moment.

Declare immunity for skin by changing how you care for it so skin can reclaim its birthright to defend and regenerate itself:

• The power of IN's Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex combined with Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science™ Antioxidant Blend of edelweiss, pennywort and coneflower deliver potent antioxidants that halt unnecessary aging by creating more powerful, inflammation-free cells.

• Free of synthetic aromatics and fragrances.
• The complete regimen feeds, protects and restores while it revitalizes skin cells, rejuvenates aging skin, and restores elasticity and brightness.

For complete skin health and optimum results follow their 5-step regimen incorporating the Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex in the morning and before bed:

• Step 1: Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser:
Provides gentle cleansing to remove environmental buildup, impurities and makeup. Formulated with Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex, Argon, Acai and essential oils, this non-foam cleanser also feeds the skin with advanced antioxidants, plant sterols, fatty acids and essential oils to protect delicate skin cell membranes, inhibit aging and inflammation to help maintain skin’s moisture, stability and radiance. Perfect for all skin types, this cleanser leaves skin nourished, and well prepared for facial regime.

• Step 2: Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex

• Step 3: Certified Organic Anti-Aging Mist:
Lightweight, multifunctional spray that feeds, refreshes, and revitalizes skin cells to help renew its appearance. A water-based formula, infused with Intellimune® Seed Meal Complex, the spray delivers nourishment inside skin cells, while the seed and essential oils from the Anti-Aging Serum feed and protect the outer cell membranes.

• Step 4: Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum:
Formulated to feed and protect the skin with the most potent form of antioxidants to reduce inflammation. This highly beneficial serum is composed of Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex, Acai, argan and essential oils that infuses the skin with antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins and fatty acids to increase moisture, radiance, elasticity, enhancing skin tone and texture. Gentle enough to use on delicate eye area.

• Step 5: Certified Organic Anti-Aging Moisture:
Lightweight formula that helps to seal and protect the skin barrier. A restorative combination of intensely emollient oils, Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex, apricot, acai and safflower along with a blend of essential oils improves skin hydration and elasticity.


• Glass bottles allows for recycling.
• Single material pump, remove and recycled in mixed recycling.
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