Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Pouch

This past November I had the privilege of working with Kedrin Likness of Hazel & Haverly while at Maiden Minnesota. (Keep an eye out for her next year as I think she would be a perfect Maiden!)
A day before Maiden Minnesota I had receive word that the cedar boxes for the 3waybeauty shhh. shampoo | shower | shave bars, that I had commissioned from a woodworker in Washington, had been lost in transit. As some of you know, those cedar boxes have been a LONG time coming! - Washington cedar is drying once again and boxes are scheduled to arrive in January, so fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, a few days after Maiden, Kedrin contacted me and suggested a crocheted pouch for the bar. Bingo! - I was all over that.
I thought it would make the perfect carrying case for the bars, that it could be used as a bath mitt or as a groovy little pouch for a smart phone (my graphic designer, Susan Tinkham, thought the same thing).

After choosing yarn (organic cotton and organic hemp) and choosing the type of stitching I wanted, we launched them at STYLEDLIFE® recently and they sold out the following day.

Three-way uses for The Pouch:

-Bath/shower mitt
-Storage pouch for your shhh grooming bar
-Storage pouch for your smart phone

Soft organic cotton on one side. Organic hemp on the other - for exfoliation.

They're back in stock and sold exclusively at STYLEDLIFE, so go pick one up.

Isn't beauty fun?
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