Saturday, December 17, 2011


On Thursday evening, INtelligent Nutrients had a lovely holiday soiree at their headquarters in Minneapolis.

IN is one of my favorite places to visit as the aroma of that building is to die for! I just feel healthier walking in.

We were greeted with a shot of INtellimune with organic mago juice and a complimentary Rose Geranium Air Nutrition. Delish! And to think I have only been using my INtellimune in a balsamic salad dressing.

After an organic beer, a hardboiled quail egg (or two), and some veggies with smoked sea salt (yum!) it was off to shop and watch a few hair and product demos.

THEN....a little IN goody bag to top off the night that contains a new product IN would like feedback on.... I LOVE my job.
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