Friday, September 9, 2011

Nature for our Nails

It's a fact that with weather transitioning and air becoming more-dry, both nails and the surrounding tissues are going to start experiencing the drying effects of the seasonal change. 
And without proper nourishment and moisture protection, fall is the beginning of what can be a very long seasonal battle to keep them healthy.

By proper nourishment and protection we mean nutrition that actually supports the nail health, nourishes the tissues to keep them healthy and soft, helps keep hangnails at bay and is proactive in protecting the moisture balance in trying conditions.  Cuticle & Nail Balm by NONTOXIQUE is the best proactive solution to healthy nails and tissues, and here's why; 
1.  It is loaded with vitamin-C from kiwi seed to help minimize and prevent hangnails.  Yes, vitamin-C is a major key in keeping hangnails to a minimum or preventing them altogether.  
2.  It's highly anti-inflammatory thanks to the avocado, which is helpful in soothing inflammation from tissue picking, irritations or wounds.  The chlorophyll is also what gives it its natural green color.
3.  Its coconut oil is highly antibacterial and moisturizing to help protect and soften the tissues, especially excellent during the fall and winter months when skin and nails battle with maintaining softness. 
4.  And the beeswax and myrrh help protect the nails from moisture loss in the drier weather so your nails don’t chap.  Both are also known to be excellent for protecting against foreign microbes that can cause tissue infections, which is important during this time of year when picking up bacteria and getting ill picks up.  

So if proactive is what you are, and protecting your nails and their delicate tissues is important, now is the ideal time to implement the healthiest nail and cuticle care into your routine. 
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