Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Transition


The first thing we often think of with the seasonal change from summer to fall is 'dry'. Air is becoming a bit more crisp and dry and that means our skin, too, becomes more dry, especially our hands.  While some are prone to more excessive drying, none of us escape this dilemma. 

When skin isn't properly cared for, drying often becomes layers of dryness that create a barrier for much needed nutrition to regenerate skin cells, increase cell hydration, and simply help maintain smooth healthy skin.
We all love the fall.  We even build a new wardrobe for the season so we can enjoy it in style.  So this year be sure you are polished from tips to toes with a few key items that will help complete your look, and maintain healthy hands for work and play.

Herbal Scrub: You shouldn't be without it if you spend a lot of time outdoors this fall 

It's gentle granular action combined with natural glycolic acid works to safely dissolve the 'bonds' that keep dead dry skin attached to the hands, carrying it away so nutrition can penetrate freshly revealed skin.  
  • It's loaded with antioxidant vitamins A, E & F to fend off free radical damage, and hydrate skin
  • Its almond oil base is loaded with rich essential fatty acids loeic and linoleic, critical for skin health.    
Restore Day Creme:  You shouldn't be without rich topical nutrition if you want to preserve and protect the health, youth and beauty of your hands
  • Combination of mowrah and mango butter prevents skin drying and has been proven to reduce fine lines. (commonly seen on dry hands)
  • Buriti and Sea buckthorn oils aid in cellular rejuvenation, increased moisture in the outermost layers of the skin, improved skin elasticity and UV protection, needed even in the fall.
  • Kiwi seed, buriti and alfalfa work together to stimulate collagen synthesis, necessary for maintaining supple, healthy back of hands.
  • Sweet orange is wonderful for fall weather thanks to its ability to help keep skin soft, strengthen the epidermis and increase cell hydration.
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