Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Brazilian Blowup Continues

via Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Remember when we first posted to you in 2010 to let you know that Brazilian Blowout hair-straightening products were found to contain up to 12 percent cancer-causing formaldehyde – even those products that were labeled "formaldehyde-free?" Well, our persistence is starting to pay off and we need your help to keep up the pressure! (click and send a letter to the FDA)
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finally told the makers of the hair-straightening product Brazilian Blowout they need to clean up their act (a year after Canada and several other countries pulled these and similar products off the shelves).
In a letter to Brazilian Blowout dated August 22, 2011, the FDA noted that the products are "adulterated" and "misbranded." This action follows thousands of letters to the FDA from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics supporters, 10 members of Congress, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and allies regarding the safety of these products.
Brazilian Blowout had until yesterday, September 12, 2011, to respond to the FDA's letter. We don't have high expectations: the company has maintained that its products are perfectly safe even when OSHA and the cosmetics industry itself stated otherwise, and on August 24 posted an online letter to salons and stylists encouraging them to keep using its products, despite mounting concerns.
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is glad that FDA took this first step, and we hope to see further action right away. But for an entire year, and even right now as you read this, salon workers and customers have been exposed repeatedly to cancer-causing chemicals in Brazilian Blowout and other hair-straighteners.
The FDA can and should do more. Please help us keep up the pressure and ask the FDA to protect salon workers and customers from this unnecessary toxic exposure by issuing a voluntary recall! (Unfortunately, FDA doesn't have the power to order a mandatory recall due to our outdated cosmetics laws.)
Clearly, the system is broken. In order to hold Brazilian Blowout and other cosmetics companies accountable and make sure laws are on the books that protect all of us from toxic chemicals in the products we use on our bodies we need your help.

Timeline of the Brazilian blow-up.
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