Friday, July 8, 2011

Waxing Poetic

Excerpt from American Spa Magazine, July 2011 by Helen Bickmore.

The benefits of waxing 

It’s summertime, which means it is the season for waxing. With the onset of summer comes the desire for smooth, hair-free skin and the need to shed dry winter skin. Look and feel your best for all that this season offers, including swimsuits, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Waxing is still the most popular method of temporary hair removal after shaving, and it is still one of the most requested aesthetic services in spas and salons.
What makes waxing so popular? Here are the benefits of waxing:

1. Waxing (my favorite brand is Nufree) lasts six to eight weeks, as the hair is removed at the root. This means it is not necessary to spend time shaving.
2. Hair regrowth after waxing is often softer, as the tip of the hair has a finer tapered point, unlike the stubbly tip of shaved hair.
3. Reduced growth is a side benefit of waxing. When body hair is regularly removed at the root, the result is damaged and weakened roots and some diminished growth, especially for women reaching menopause. However, be warned, the opposite is true for chin waxing.
4. Body waxing produces soft, smooth skin, as it exfoliates dead skin cells, along with the hair, therefore allowing a better absorption of sunscreen and sunless tanning products.
5. Waxing services are an affordable way to temporarily remove unwanted hair. For those who do not have the budget for the more permanent methods of laser hair removal and electrolysis, waxing by a professional effectively removes unwanted hair in hard-to-reach areas for long-lasting results, without breaking the bank.

Apply a numbing anesthetic to the skin a few minutes before waxing.

Use a hair-growth inhibitor between treatments, which will make the hair come back thinner and finer. This will also make the treatment easier.
There are a couple of dont's when it comes to waxing.

• Don’t wax if you are using products that can cause hypersensitivity, such as Retin-A.
• Don’t wax 24 hours before or after tanning.
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