Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th!

Another exciting Fourth of July is upon us!
That means memorable fun with friends, family, and maybe, a trip to the spa to pamper your hands and feet for all the activities they’re going to experience!  I think a hand treatment with au naturel tips and a burst of Red on the toes is the ticket this year.

Nails are fun, yes, but as you know, we’re always focused on caring for our hands and feet as a whole, really focusing on our skin, especially when we’re at the beach, completely sun exposed.

1. Kick off your fun with a hand and foot treatment at the spa.  Beautiful hands and feet complete our look, but healthy hands and feet allow us to touch more, feel more and do with them.  I don’t compromise when it comes to caring for them.  We know they are hard working, and age-telling so I only treat them with NONTOXIQUE.

2. Purchase a bottle of your own Age Reversal Serum, and Cuticle & Nail Balm, especially if your celebrations will take you near water or out in the sun for long periods!

I’m suddenly feeling inspired to book a last minute foot treatment with Irina, maybe for tomorrow?  How about you?
I Can’t wait to hear all about your weekend of fun and your favorite NONTOXIQUE products!
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