Friday, June 10, 2011

Take Two

shhh. shampoo, shower, shave - the second edition has arrived!

Same great beauty/grooming bar, now in lavender. Think you know what lavender smells like? Do you already love it? Don't think you're a fan? Give this one a chance before you decide. Keep in mind that most lavender scented products are made with synthetic lavender perfume oils.

Our exclusive lavender blend is made up of 7 lavender varieties from around the globe - France, Bulgaria, Tasmania, US, China and England. When I was working with my master herbalist to develop this blend, I had no idea that lavender could vary so much.

Lavender has often been called the "Mother oil"  of essential oils because it is the most beloved of the essential oils.
It seems to be a very fitting oil for this day and age since it eases stress, helps you sleep, relieves migraines and helps lift depression. It is excellent for the skin, stimulating circulation and cell regeneration. It's an  anti-septic, antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative & immune system stimulant and it's been used extensively for healing of burns, rashes and infections. 
All of this goodness and then that aroma...

Stop by STYLEDLIFE at Galleria in Edina, Minnesota for a free smell...
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