Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notte Breeze

Finally the award winning dry shampoo that won best in show in NYC is available in a colored version perfect for darker shades!

A few years ago Principessa came out with a dry hair shampoo, Bianco Breeze,  that did double-duty as a body powder.  (You know how I love products that do double or even triple duty!)
The talc-free recipe quickly became my FAVORITE body powder - Personally, I don't have oily hair and don't find the need to use a dry shampoo, but I do have many clients who use it.
Since it is a white powder, it has been a bit more difficult  for my clients with darker hair to use. It certainly was possible, but it requires a bit of time to get it worked in to the hair so it doesn't look lighter than their darker hair.

No more worries, Principessa has finally launched a darker version of their dry shampoo hair powder. Introducing, Notte Breeze. (Looks pretty as a body powder too!)

Sprinkle into your hair to absorb excess oils and create gorgeous body and volume! It magically blends roots and can extend blowouts, too! Suitable for all hair types and also works wonders as a body powder. Seductively silky and infused with a soft scent to leave you smelling as fresh as you look. Poof, you're perfect!
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