Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cut Confusion?

The FDA is trying to make it easier to understand the sunscreen label.
Are you less confused after reading this article?

Paragraph 3 of said article is quite telling in regard to the effectiveness of our government vs. the Big Beauty industry.
"30 years of bureaucracy"? That's a lot of bottles of ineffective tanning products (and money that was made) used by women slathering up and slip sliding away on their metalic tanning blankets. Doncha think?
Thanks FDA for having our best interests at heart. You're swell!

Then, before you purchase your sunscreen check the safety of its ingredients here. - That's a whole other topic.
Who knows how long it will take before tanning beds are banned! 

Like I have been saying for years, and what this journalist confirms in this article, I'll continue with my French sunscreen as I have for years. They've had it right for ages.
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