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Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin

How honored to be in the company of Sarah Kurn  in an article by Ann Sandretto.

I have taken the liberty to add links to products that I endorse for the skincare topics discussed.

In their attempt to find the best moisturizer for oily skin, Always New You  polled 7 professionals and their responses are below:

#1 – Oily Skin Care Tips

Be sure to double cleanse! You should always use an exfoliating cleanser first to remove surface dirt and dead skin cells, and then apply a cream cleanser. This way the cleanser will more deeply penetrate the pores. Be sure that the cream cleanser is specifically for oily skin.
To further treat oily skin, be sure that skin is infused with isoflavonoids and polyphenols (which come from berries). These will pull toxins out of the body and help clarify and control oil on the skin.
Limit the amount of hydrogenated oil (such as vegetable or margarine) when you cook to avoid seeing it on your skin.
• Try making a do-it-yourself “Clarifying Chocolate Facial”
o You’ll need ¾ cup lukewarm water, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp chocolate syrup and 1 cup of instant oatmeal.
o Stir all the ingredients together until well-blended. Apply mixture to the face with a clean, flat paint brush, spoon, or sponge and let dry for 15 minutes. Lightly scrub the mixture off with lukewarm water.
The oatmeal will soak up excess oils and exfoliate when scrubbed away, the honey will refine your pores while killing surface bacteria, and the chocolate polyphenols help with fine lines and wrinkles while soothing your senses.
-Scott-Vincent Borba – Celebrity Esthetician – Author of Skintervention: The Personalized Solution to Healthier, Younger and Flawless-Looking Skin -

#2 – Moisturize Oily Skin

Oily skin can benefit greatly by applying a grated raw potato mask or just rubbing the potato on the skin and leaving the juices on for one-half hour, rinsing off with water and vinegar. Apply an oil-free herbal moisturizer. Buy almond butter at the health food store and use it as a cleanser to give the face a light scrubbing.
-Lily Morgan – Author of ‘Beauty, Health, and Happiness: A Way of Life’ – Founder and Formulator of Lily Organics Farm Fresh Skin Care –

#3 – Should You Moisturize Oily Skin?

This is a great skin topic as many people are confused by oily skin and how to enhance the skins health and appearance, including anti-aging products needed for oily skin.
Oily skin is a genetic skin condition/skin type. – Oil in the skin is considered a “fat” – dry skin lacks this healthy fat.  Moisturizer is intended to replace “fats” and water in skin that is deficient causing uncomfortable, dull appearance. Oily skin should NOT moisturize, however, a simple, clean sunscreen that is chemical based will aid in preventing premature skin aging and increase in pore size.
There is no need to add moisture to oily skin…and MOISTURIZER does NOT prevent wrinkles. Oily skin can prevent premature skin aging by using sunscreen daily and using a Retinol or Retinoid based product in the pm regime. Retinoids will also revise poor size and prevent acne flare-ups.
-Sarah Kurn – Master Esthetician –

#4 – Oily Skin Care

Modern women navigating through “mid-life” that have overly oily skin are probably using a cleanser that is too harsh for their maturing skin. A mature woman should only use milk or cream cleansers, no foaming cleanser.
If skin is overly cleansed, it will actually cause the sebaceous glad to produce more oil to rehydrate the skin that has just been stripped – creating a vicious circle of overly oily skin. Once skin is properly cleansed, twice per day, with a milk or cream cleanser, the skin will eventually regulate and not over-produce sebum.
-Becky Sturm – CEO/Founder –

#5 – Oily Skin Moisturizing

I have oily skin, but I can keep it moisturized and clean easily without side effects.
First, I like to use Tea Tree Oil to prep and clean my skin, it doesn’t harshly dry but still cleans up the excess oil. Next, I use a lotion-based after shave for men (women can use these too, and you don’t need to have just shaved to get it’s moisturizing properties). Finally, if I need to, a high end retinol cream and/or some aloe cream on my cheeks and forehead will do the trick.
-Celebrity Anand Bhatt –

#6 – Moisturize Oily Skin

I have two options for my clients with oily skin and neither has anything to do with staying away from oil.
The first is to cleanse and moisturize with a product that has a good balance of oil and water and does not strip the skin or make it feel tight. Your skin is making oil for a reason and if you try to take all of that oil off, it will only serve to dehydrate you and encourage your oil glands to become over-productive.
The other option is to use a blend of pure oils, mixed with equal parts water in the palm of your hand, and massage every night. People initially think that I am insane telling them to do this, but within a week or two we usually have their oil problems under control. For this option, I do suggest working with an herbalist or skin care specialist to know what oils are best for your specific needs. Some good ideas include jojoba, grape seed, sesame, olive squalane, coconut oil, and maybe a little rosehip, carrot, tamanu or argan.
Note: I DO NOT recommend adding more than 1-3 drops of all essential oil(s) to 1 oz of any oil mix.
-Emma Graves – Herbalist & Holistic Skin Care Specialist (Aesthetician) –

#7 – Rita’s Tips on Controlling Oily Skin

• Cleansing – It’s important to properly cleanse oily skin by using a cleanser specifically designed for oily skin. Gel-based cleansers work best to remove excess oils. Use cool water – never hot – when cleansing because you don’t want to over-strip your skin. Finally, use a washcloth to remove the cleanser as an added extra step of gentle exfoliation, as oily skin can sometimes lead to clogged pores.
• Moisturizing – It’s also very important to properly moisturize oily skin. This might seem counter-intuitive but sometimes people with oily skin over-cleanse, removing too much moisture from the skin. Then your skin reacts by producing even more oil. Use a good oil-free moisturizer that is specifically made for oily skin.
• Primer – Use an oil-controlling gel-based primer as a base underneath your make-up to make it last all day long
• Foundation/Makeup – Avoid creamy/liquid foundations that will add too much moisture to your skin. Instead chose a powder, mineral foundation make-up, which is great for absorbing excess oils and gives you a matte finish. Also use powder shadows and blushes instead of creamy shadows, pencils or blushes, to minimize the oils on your face.
Blotting Papers – Blot your oily skin throughout the day with blotting papers, rather than layering on more powder which can clog your pores.
-Rita Csizmadia – Founder of Rita’s Skin Institute
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