Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty Detective

By Jude Grimm
Bellingham Alive! February 2011

It isn't easy to find products that do not compromise our personal health as well as the Earth's and have the performance to match our expectations.
You won't see these products in full-page magazine ads. You won't see them on television.
They don't smell the same, they often don't look the same and, sometimes, they just don't work.

I am thrilled to say in my sleuthing adventures I have discovered an amazing and intelligent, witty and passionate woman, Michelle Noel of Greenbody Greenplanet products. Noel is the business partner of Lorri Weisen, the founder and formulator of Greenbody Greenplanet.

Noel is a former dermatology clinical educator and has spent the majority of her professional life dedicated to educating dermatologists, pediatricians, immunologists and allergists in topical treatments for dry inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and atomic dermatitis. Through many years of working along side incredible medical minds at the Mayo Clinic and the universities of Minnesota and Iowa, she learned very quickly not only how the skin functions, but most importantly how we are systemically affected by anything we apply to our skin. The most fascinating part of her discoveries was learning about the scalp. Most dermatologists struggle to treat the scalp because of its highly vascular nature. The blood supply to our scalp is in the highest concentration of the human body.
Think about that for a minute or two - whatever is applied to the scalp is immediately and aggressively absorbed into the bloodstream and sent throughout the body. Blood flow brings forth nutrition and healing, as well as disease and toxin distribution.

Noel was committed to being extremely cautious about what was applied to her own hair and head based on this knowledge. She also knew that she could no longer be associated with the company she worked for (even though they were committed to treating these chronic diseases with prescriptions with little or no side effects) and an industry that was not yet committed to
being safe for the environment.

Noel feels the big divide within the medical community continues to be between the "homeopathic" approach to health versus the "scientific" approach.

Noel envisions the lines of separation disappearing as both approaches have beneficial results. She knew personally that she must find a professional hair care line that met her educated safety standards. Her search was over when she was introduced to Lorri Weisen.

Weisen is a like-minded, successful salon owner.
She knows first hand how important performance of products are as well as the impact of exposure from toxins to the human body and the environment. Why?
Because Weisen's husband was ill with an environmentally caused cancer. (Environmental cancers are caused by toxins absorbed through the skin and lungs.) Weisen knew that her husband was in critical need of products that would support and not compromise his immune system and body as it was already inundated. She began a journey of discovering what she could offer herself, her husband, her salon staff and the world, a professional line of personal care products represented with truth and offering performance.

Weisen took more than two years to diligently research and create a professional product line in
alignment with her personal and global requirements.

When you use organic, chemical-free ingredients, you enhance your own physical and psychological well being and your planet Earth as well.

Out of her commitment Greenbody Greenplanet was not only born but brought to marketplace. Greenbody Greenplanet continues to vigorously challenge the excepted status quo, by providing high-quality hair care products manufactured truly toxin free. These organically based products deliver the professional results required for the salon and for the consumer, and dispel the myth that plant-based suds are incapable of performing.
Their products are made with 100 percent certified organic, biodynamic and sustainable ingredients. They are PETA approved, vegan, earth friendly and fair-trade sourced. Greenbody Greenplanet uses no petrochemicals including sulphates, parabens, fragrance or propylene glycol - they are green from seed to shelf. When you use organic, chemical-free ingredients, you enhance your own physical and psychological well being and your planet Earth as well.

May I remind you, once again, to turn your bottles over and read the ingredients. You too can become your own "Real Beauty" ™ detective.
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