Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Rarity

I have carried Rare-Elements luxury haircare for a couple of years, now.
The shampoo is creamy, luscious, spendy, but oh so luxurious! It reminds me of Alterna's White Truffle shampoo. I believe pretty much any oil can be sapponified, but I didn't know these oils even existed, let alone included in a shampoo.
One shampoo with this creamy goodness, and you'll know just what I mean! I must say that when this shampoo comes up in my shampoo rotation, I use it as a shower gel as well. I can't help it.

Oooh, and that Treatment Oil! One of the best "hot oil" treatments I have ever had. It doubles as a great body oil as well.

The following, from, 'bout sums it up.

RARE ELEMENTS is a new generation of hair care that is built on the principles of luxury and performance. Taking a modern twist on century old healing remedies and combining it with the latest technology, we have developed a simple yet effective system that has been proven to reverse the signs of damaged hair. This sophisticated collection has revolutionized the professional world of hair care by developing performance driven products that now replace the antiquated use of toxic ingredients and the temporary fix of synthetic enhancers. When you step into the world of Rare Elements you will experience the international wealth of some of the most sought after natural resources and discover the lasting results and pampering luxury that only nature can provide.
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