Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is the Brazilian Blowout Safe?

The makers of Brazilian Blowout claim their product doesn't contain any formaldehyde.
These scientists claim that there is somewhere from 8-10% in each application!

Now, from what I have come to understand about science and the beauty industry, they BOTH could be correct.
BB may be correct in stating they do not put formaldehyde in their product. BUT, it is possible that the BB ingredients, once mixed together, may form a chemical reaction that generates formaldehyde. This is a very common factor in beauty products. Ingredients are one thing, what happens when they are mixed together is a whole other factor.

If this is true, this is yet just another example of a beauty company lying to the consumer and proving, yet again,  what can happen when an ENTIRE industry is not regulated and left to police itself.
Did BB know about this and cover it up?

It actually looks like Brazilian Blowout may be exonerated of this controversy.  Stay tuned!

Flaws in the testing methods used by Oregon’s division of OSHA actually cause the creation of additional Formaldehyde that is not normally found in the product, which led to Oregon OSHA erroneously reporting levels of Formaldehyde that cannot possibly exist in the product, especially given that Formaldehyde is a gas. Once again, what OSHA is actually reporting, is the amount of Methylene Glycol in the product, not Formaldehyde.

So, now it's Methylene Glycol, not formaldehyde. Do we want that on our skin? Gross.
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