Friday, October 15, 2010

Do You Have IMPACT?

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I came across the following blog post recently, at Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report:

Recently, I received a new product from ZBigatti to review called Re-Storation IMPACT. Re-Storation IMPACT is a fruit enzyme facial mask.  The texture is incredibly smooth and the weight, a bit lighter than a thick and rich honey.  Applied gently to the face by fingertips delivers even coverage.  This light, rich luxurious and feather-light mud has started to re-texture uneven places on my face after three uses.  After the first application, I felt the active fruit enzymes at work first on my nose.  The second application brought enzyme activity around the balls of my cheeks and chin area.  After each application, my pores tightened up and my skin had an over-all firmness, supple to the feel!

According to Z.Bigatti, this product claims to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and clean pores.  Refine skin clarity, hydrate, tone, and smooth the skin.  Ingredients include Fruit enzymes, Papain & Bromelain, with beta hydroxy acids.  Based on my experience thus far, I believe this product lives up to it’s name sake and claims.
To further challenge this product, I applied it to two other individuals who have pourous noses.  After the second applications, the skin on the nose was smoother by 50% on the male and by 33% on the female.  These results continue to better with each application.  Both participants had extreme cases of acne as teenagers and immediately noticed the active ingredients at work upon application.  Other results were seen after first and second applications!
If you are seeking an active mud that delivers time after time, this is it!  I would keep this in your cosmetic wardrobe as a regular staple  forever and a day.  The results alone are worth the investment.  Everything else about IMPACT is just icing on the cake!
Have a beautiful week!
Mary Winkenwerder
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