Thursday, August 19, 2010



The 12 most colorful days of summer have gotten much brighter for
Lorri Weisen, owner of the Fair Do’s booth at the MN State Fair. In her attempt to offer better and safer alternatives for her customers and her staff, she has created non-toxic, temporary hair paint free from parabens and fragrance, and the days of using ozone-depleting hairsprays are behind her. Parents, children, asthma sufferers and those concerned about the environment can breathe easier knowing that this hair raising experience is now a “greener”, more pleasant adventure.

The booth where everyone “Get’s Noticed” by having their hair temporary colored and styled, has been turning heads since 2002 and their hard-working staff has created more than 25,000 of the walking kaleidoscopes over the years. Weisen, owner of Hairs to You Salon in Roseville and advocate for Safe Cosmetics, is constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of the working conditions for her stylists and make the Fair Do’s experience a healthier one for her customers. “The beauty industry is being forced to change because of people’s awareness and concern for safer products. As a business owner this makes it much easier for me to find better choices, better products and better techniques to use and recommend, because more are being offered. I’ve been able to ask for my products to be made without certain ingredients, and my manufacturers can now accommodate my requests. I love that!”

Although Fair Do’s new blend of colors and hairspray is top-secret, there is always a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request. “It’s important to me that customers and staff know we are doing our best, and offering the best available. Our products have always been considered safe and non-toxic according to the beauty industry, but my standards are so much higher than theirs.” And you can definitely believe her. Besides owning a salon, Weisen is the CEO and Founder of Greenbody Greenplanet, an organic, toxin-free hair care line that’s taking the Twin Cities by storm, and the wife of a two-time cancer survivor.

“Last year a little girl told me that Fair Do’s was a “tradition” for her and I almost fell over laughing, she was 8 years old! It really made me think long-term and how my choices of the products we use could affect these kids and my stylists over time. They put a lot of trust me. How could I not want to improve?”

Fair Do’s is located in Baldwin Park just west of the 4H building and “colors” hair from 9am-9pm
everyday. More information, location and pricing can be found online at
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