Monday, August 16, 2010

LiLash Testimonial

I was the biggest “nay-sayer” when this product arrived at StormSister Spatique. I thought…”They put fake lashes on that girl. There is NO WAY a product can do THAT!” I was determined to prove that my doubt was, indeed, fact. So, I invested my hard-earned dollars and was diligent about applying it nightly – after make-up removal and only to my upper lids. Using it like I would a liquid eye-liner, I brushed a thin line across the upper lid only. And I waited. Waited and hoped every morning I would wake up with those long lashes. I kept applying and I didn’t give up.
After the first month, a MIRACLE seemed to occur! All of a sudden, my lashes were up to my EYEBROWS!!! They were darker and thicker than before too! It’s crazy! Women (and men) began commenting immediately – asking me if those were my REAL lashes! YES! YES! I could tell them YES – and tell them all about LiLash and StormSister Spatique. I have handed out business cards right and left as a result of these conversations.
Side Effects? I did notice a slight darkening along the lash line where I was applying the product. It did not itch or flake. Honestly, it looks like I have some “left-over eyeliner” that didn’t come off with make-up remover. Totally an OK look!! Another thing I noticed is my lower lashes grew too. I have a bit more brow tweezing to do these days too. But ALL worth it for the lashes I have with and without mascara!
If you are like me, you might become a bit more courageous with your eye-make up too! I have tried some new colors and techniques that seem to work well for a chick in her 40’s!
The bottom line is, I LOVE THIS STUFF! A tube is effective for about 6 months. A good investment and amazing results! -- Meghan H.
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