Monday, July 26, 2010

Support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (H.R.5786)

I just sent the following letter to Rep. Betty McCollum
District: FH-MN04
Phone:(202) 225-6631
Fax:(202) 225-1968

Please send one (or craft your own) to your state representatives:

I am writing to ask that you support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (H.R.5786), which will strengthen FDA oversight and regulation of the $50 billion cosmetics industry. Doing so will ensure that cosmetics do not contain ingredients or contaminants linked to adverse health effects, and close loopholes that prevent consumers from knowing what's in their products.

At present, the cosmetics industry can use virtually any ingredient in personal care products, even chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects or other health impacts, or that have never been assessed for safety by any publicly accountable agency. Some of these ingredients don't even appear on product labels.

Rates of cancer, reproductive and developmental harm are on the rise, and toxic chemicals from consumer goods like cosmetics are ending up in our bodies, breast milk, the cord blood of newborn babies, waterways and wildlife. Exposure to toxic chemicals in products we use on our bodies is unnecessary – --it's time to clean up the cosmetics industry and make these products safer for everyone!

I urge you to support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 so that baby shampoo is free of carcinogenic contaminants, fragrance ingredients are not kept secret, body lotion is not made with reproductive toxins, and salon workers are not exposed to toxic chemicals day in and day out.

Please sign on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 and work to keep the bill language strong and protective of babies, pregnant women, teenagers, workers and our ecosystem.

I should be able to trust that cosmetics ingredients are safe for long-term use before they show up in products at my local store. I encourage you to watch a new short film about this issue, "The Story of Cosmetics," which I just watched and shared with friends and family. It's available at

For more information about safe cosmetics legislation, please visit

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