Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Groucho Marx

You too, can color your own eyebrows.

I know this looks a bit scary, but I promise, it will all work out.

See, much better.

All you need is a drop of color, a drop of 20 volume developer and a Q-tip.
When I say drop, I mean literally, a drop. If your color comes in a tube or a bottle one drop is plenty for coloring both brows.
I mix mine in a little bowl with the Q-tip, apply and leave on about 15 minutes.
Try to keep on hair only, but that can be a little tough. If you get it on your skin, just use your facial cleanser to remove. Make sure brows look even as the color develops. Don't freak out when you start looking like Groucho Marx. It will come off.
I removed the color with a damp paper towel.

This color was a level 4G (gold). I use professional color, but as long as you stay just a bit darker than your natural shade, you can't go wrong.
A bit darker brow also makes your eyes "pop".

My hair is naturally blondish, so my eyebrows are blonde and I have earned a few grays along the way so I color my brows every time I have my hair done. Sometimes in the summer, more often as the sun lightens brows very quickly.

I usually color my brows in the evening. My skin is a bit sensitive and I am prone to redness so my skin often needs some time to calm down. I usually get color on my skin too, so there is some staining as well.
When I do it at night, whatever doesn't come off with my cleanser, right afterward, will come off in the shower in the morning.

Many folks are purchasing Betty Color in brown, to color their brows.
Betty Color was designed for a very sensitive part of our anatomy, so it is perfectly safe for brows.
Guys also use it for beard and mustache hair, as well as covering gray in their chest hair. FYI.

I also find that brow coloring is good for anyone who tweezed a bit too much at some point and no longer has much brow remaining. You will be surprised how many fine little hairs you really do have once you color them.

When I introduced eyebrow coloring as an option to my clients in the salon, they were shocked to realize how much hair they truly did have.
It is also a great time to shape your brows after coloring, as well.
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