Saturday, June 26, 2010

That Bombshell's Two Cents

Hi Becky-

I wanted to get back to you with my thoughts on the makeup I bought last week.
My favorite product, hands down, is the Lipgloss in F78 (Translucent Pink). I'm amazed at how well it lasts, especially for a lipgloss. It adds the perfect sheen and boosts every lipstick I've paired with it. I also LOVE the flavor - it's so nice.
I like the Lipstick in F120 ( Pearlized Fuschia Corydale) - the color is great and it wears really well. I bought a "pearl" formula and am not thrilled with the pearly bits. They make the color look great but feel kind of harsh on my lips. I'll be back for more shades!

The one item I'm not impressed with is the Eyeliner in Tamaris. The liner feels really dry during application, so it pulls at my lids. And the color doesn't last - it's worn off by the end of my work day.

So, there go - my two cents on my new Fleur's products. I've been thinking about the Compact Powder in F79 (Clear Matte) ever since and plan to pick it up in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend!

My response:

Very interesting about the lipstick. Though, I COMPLETELY know what you are saying about that particular shade. That shade has the most mica in it and I feel it is the least creamy of all of them. I just use lipgloss over mine ;o)

I use liquid liner for the very reason you gave about the pencils. I don't want any pulling on my delicate eye tissue and don't use any pencil of any sort.
Though, I am waiting on some samples of a "healthier" (really) eye pencil line that looks very promising. But, unless it is creamy, like lipstick, I won't be carrying it.

I'll let you know when it comes in and you can come and try it out.
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