Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Only For Your Bath

The Pre de Provence Marseille 72% olive oil soap is easily our most popular bar.
This soap has been manufactured for over 600 years. That says a lot, don't you think?

Europeans not only use it to bathe, but they also used it for laundering and we're beginning to catch on.

In our continuous quest to clear up our various skin allergies and the realization that unscented (anything) laundry soap is a big scam, more and more of us have decided to make our own laundry soap - For a truly 'fragrance free' laundry.

I wonder if the current financial crisis has spurred interest in this homemade option as well.

Whatever the reason, many are choosing this olive oil soap to use in their laundry soap recipe.
Substitute in the Marseille soap for the Fels-Naptha - Fels Naptha ingredients are questionable.
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