Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hair Boom

BP won't use them.

That's good of you BP, because you have the luxury of time and have come up with so many stellar remedies to this CF thus far. Assholes.

The Coast Guard won't use them and is pleading to salons across the nation, and world, to stop sending hair to the Gulf.

Watch this video, please.

Booms are not the only answer to this DISASTER, of course. But, the hair boom do work. Why are they not being used?

Several companies make non-hair boom and they only have limited effectiveness. Of course that can be said of the hair boom as well.
"Good oil containment boom material has become scarce and more expensive." That is a very telling statement.

Certainly hair and nylons are cheaper to manufacture into boom. Hair is being donated by the tons.
Are they being shunned because there isn't a ton of money being made from them? Makes me wonder.

What is oil boom made from? Polyethylene - A petroleum product.
Interesting, isn't it?
The same product that is polluting the Gulf Coast is used to make the only oil boom that they want to use.

BP cannot stop their disaster, yet they REFUSE to allow Matter of Trust to do something. Anything.

This is an absolute horror.
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