Saturday, June 5, 2010

Get a Hair Cut - Help Save the Gulf

Lorri Weisen, owner
Hairs to You
Excerpt from Lorri's newsletter.

If you've been to her salon lately, no doubt you've heard about their efforts with Matter of Trust, the non-profit organization that turns hair clippings into absorbent "booms" that soak up the oil from oil spills. She's been a member for years but hasn't donated until this catastrophe hit.

Lorri has a Florida home just minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the gulf. When she received the first email from Lisa Gautier, the president of Matter of Trust, she knew I had to help out. Immediately she hopped on a plane to donate her Florida garage to house the hair arriving from all over the country. She also searched for the people she needed to connect with. 24 hours later, her address was a hair drop-off site and she was a "First Wave Boom B Q'er"!
Lorri says, "It was, and still is, amazing to be part of an organization that is solution oriented and positively focused. To watch the news and hear the reports of what is happening and know there is something we can all do to help, even in a small way, makes it somehow least for me it does."
If you'd like to know more about what's happening with the Gulf- that you won't find in main stream media - sign up for her blog or check out the salon's FaceBook page. She stays updated through emails from Lisa, Ingrid and all the other "Boom B Q'ers", so she updates it often. She'll also be heading back to Florida in a week or so to have her own Boom Making Party! They will continue to collect hair for Matter of Trust, so every time you get your haircut, know it will be helping with the efforts!

Lorri is also the owner/founder of Greenbody Greenplanet haircare.
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