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A necessity...

Because men are subject to stress and external aggressions, i.e. climate, pollution, and cigarette smoke, this can wreak havoc on their skin. Plus the daily shaving routine causes additional dehydration and sensitivity on the skin’s surface. On average, during his lifetime, a man spends six months shaving to remove the 15,000 hairs distributed over 2/3 of the face. Shaving daily leaves 57% of men with stressed, imbalanced, and stripped skin.

Because many men still do not properly use skin care products on a daily basis leaving their skin imbalanced (dry, shiny, dull...)

Because men are increasingly aware of their appearance.

Men’s use of skin and body care products is no longer considered occasional; in fact, it is becoming increasingly common.

TEXTURES that are specifically adapted to men’s skin .Men’s skin is physiologically thicker and oilier than women’s: the ultra-light, non-greasy PHYTOMER/PHYTOCEANE textures penetrate easily.

QUICK and PLEASANT to use. Products with original concepts that offer a wide range of sensations: a wave of freshness thanks to the key marine ingredients and products that provide comfort, softness and the pleasure of clean, clear, shine-free skin.

A FRESH and INVIGORATING SCENT for a boost of energy upon application.


A hair system that is more developed and plays a protective role.

Thicker skin: the epidermis has more cellular layers (the stratum corneum is 16 to 22% thicker than in women) and a higher number of cells so it is more prone to a dull, sluggish tone.

Increasingly resistant skin: contains 22% more collagen, which explains why the skin’s aging process begins later than it does in women.

Although the effect of aging doesn’t begin as quickly in men as in women, once visible signs begin to appear, they do so rapidly and the aging process continues to accelerate

Higher number of androgens: sebaceous secretion are 30% higher than that found in women, causing oilier skin, dilated pores, and a coarser skin texture.

Cleanse twice a day - Morning and evening.

Moisturize twice a day, after shaving. Apply moisturizer on wet skin, either wet from water or toner.

If eye care or anti-aging are concerns, use the Winkle Prevention Cream as your moisturizer.

If your skin is excessively oily, use this Anti-Shine Gel as your moisturizer.

Twice a week exfoliate. – This step is important to rid skin of dead skin cells and to help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

The sea is a reservoir filled with powerful ingredients that are perfectly adapted to restoring well-being with natural and therapeutic benefits. The sea is also a challenging universe with extreme and constantly changing conditions (tides, storms, cold temperatures, etc.). The marine plant world has been able to develop effective means of protection in order to adapt to the conditions in this hostile environment. PHYTOMER/PHYTOCEANE laboratories have focused their research on sea plants to create Homme-specific ingredients.


A red algae extract from Coralina officinalis which is naturally rich in calcium and magnesium with powerful oxygenating and detoxifying properties that is easily assimilated by the skin.

Magnesium is widely recognized for its anti-free radical and energizing action. Calcium is an element that is vital to our cells, enabling them to breathe more effectively. It reinforces cellular cohesion within the epidermis, especially when it is being aggressed (shaving, environmental factors...).


A cocktail of powerful marine active ingredients:

Energizing Marine Concentrate is an aqueous extract of Laminaria Digitata brown algae, highly cocentrated in active molecules. It helps skin cells regain new youthful appearance by stimulating the activity of mitochondria.

Energizing Marine Concentrate combats cellular aging with:

Everlasting Marine Essence, for its antioxidant action

Marine Peptides, for their action against sagging and dark circles

Samphire Oil, for its anti-wrinkle action

A rich cream texture that penetrates rapidly without leaving an oily film for unique comfort on the skin.

Spectacular effectiveness results:

Smoothing effectiveness: 87% satisfaction*

Regenerating effectiveness: 74% satisfaction*

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