Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natural Estrogenic?

A few weeks ago, I had a client return an item because it contained essential oil of Lavender. She told me her child's pediatrician said not to use any products containing lavender on her baby.
This was a completely new controversy to me as I had never heard of such a study.
Of course, I accepted the return and then began some research of my own about lavender being an estrogenic.

Lavender is considered by many as the Mother herb and it is in many natural and organic baby products because it is such a wonderful calming and soothing aromatic.
I still have my doubts as to the purity of the essential oils, compounds, extracts they use for these limited studies.
I also wonder if they are pure/organic/wildcrafted essential oils or if their tests could have taken place with lavender perfume oils. Most perfume/fragrance oils that are made here in the U.S. contain Phthalates.

I also wonder about the pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto the lavender as most lavender essential oils are NOT organic.

I want to know if the children in this study, that have supposedly grown breasts, were on organic diets AND not drinking from any plastic bottles/cups as there are countless studies stating that many chemicals in plastics also mimic estrogen.

This reminds me of the study that stated that American men were eating/drinking too much soy and were growing breasts.
How many men who are native to Asian culture are walking the earth with "moobs"? Yet, they eat soy all of the time.

Because of the hold the chemical companies have on this nation, our studies are not going to be completely accurate until we begin using only organic products during them.

I'm certainly not suggesting this pediatrician is wrong or that this mother is overreacting. Not at all. I raised two children on mostly organic, never sprayed my lawn with chemicals, didn't allow them to use fluoride toothpaste, or antiperspirants, etc., etc.
I am simply stating that recent studies are suggesting that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime and I believe that there are so many other factors at play here than the estrogenic components of organic lavender essential oil.
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