Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Amex Story

Here is the lowdown on my experience with the Amex video shoot.

A little drama with my flight leaving MSP late and then of course, a medical emergency on the plane (not me, another passenger).
Mad dash to the hotel and then to lower Manhattan to the Amex tower.
I wasn't given much time to arrive and get downtown, but, the film crew was running late as well so it all worked out.

Nine pounds of makeup later, gross, I was ready to roll. (I had forgotten how much makeup is used for any kind of camera work.)
Don't get me wrong, loved the woman who did my makeup (sorry, I am terrible with names and don't remember hers). She was lovely and my makeup looked great, just not accustomed to so much spackle. - When I get nervous, or drink, I get "blotchy". And, since I wasn't drinking.......yet...I was lots of makeup.

Filming went on for about an hour and seemed to go well. They expressed to me that they were very happy with the Amex experiences, from a retailers' perspective, that I was able to give them.
They seemed to be most focused around the above window decal and why I find it so appealing.

Amex seems to be vamping up their Merchant Services division and will soon be implementing videos, to show prospective businesses owners, as to why they should accept American Express.
Many small businesses (and some large) don't accept the card and Amex is really trying to change that. So, they really wanted to hear from the small business owner why we accept it and what are the benefits.
It's a pretty cool concept and one that has been missing from Amex's business model thus far - at least in this capacity.
They also showed me the prototype and how the videos will be implemented on the site. Pretty cool stuff.

I did ask them how they originally found me and they said they had heard about an interview I did with Google, in regard to Google business listings.
Anyhoo, they dug deeper, realized I accepted Amex and then set up the initial interview.

So, that is that.

My STYLEDLIFE necklace was a huge hit! So, thanks to KQ for tending to my "look" while in NY and to Tim Creagan for helping me shop!

On a side note, since I was at ground zero, I had to stop by and see the goings-on there.
I had been in the World Trade Center about 3 months before 9/11 and then very shortly afterward, while the pile was still smoldering.
Going there on Friday was still very emotional. There is now a skyway type walkway that has been constructed to view what is now new construction.
Some construction is now taking place at street level, but most is still underground.

It has been 9 years and it is still haunting what happened there and I am not a New Yorker. I still cannot fathom how the events of 9/11 affected the people of that city. But, a girl from Minnesota who had been in the towers shortly before and then in early November witnessed a monstrous smoldering pile, had been brought to tears that day.
It was interesting to listen to the many various accents of those viewing an area where once stood two shining black towers.
What happened there truly affected the world.
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