Monday, May 31, 2010

Age Shield

A new moisturizer by Phytoceane - Age Shield Total Renewing Cream

SKIN IS: 1st WEEK* 1st MONTH**
More supple 90% 91%
More moisturized 85% 93%
More firm 76% 85%
More smooth 75% 90%

* Application twice a day during 7 days on 217 volunteers, from ages 60-75.
**Application twice a day during 4 weeks on 62 volunteers, from ages 60-75.

AGE SHIELD Total Renewing care redefines aging for those approaching 50 or those concerned with or who are experiencing premature, advanced signs of aging. It smooths the features, making skin appear more firm and toned, while simultaneously moisturizing and comforting the epidermis.
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