Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Hair

I am so excited to be carrying the new brand, Greenbody Greenplanet professional haircare!

Just another product to my list of favorites. Oi!

I am currently using Greenbody Greenplanet's Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner (the scented version; rosemary, ylang ylang, and geranium essential oils are used to scent this range.)

This has been a very interesting 18 months or so in the haircare biz.
Several truly "green and healthy" haircare brands have emerged amongst all of that 'greenwashing' going on out there.

Getting used to the little-to-no-suds phenomenon has been a bit of a psychological hurdle for me - As it has been for many - I'm a hairdresser and our professional, sudsy haircare always removed the muckity muck that everyone used on their hair - It was the suds that did that, right?

I'm almost as brainwashed as every other American when it comes to suds and lather.
Are we really clean without it? It's been tough, wrapping my head around that concept.
To answer that question, I say yes. And when you give it up and your skin and hair begin to heal, you will be rewarded with truly soft, healthy skin and full, shiny hair that feel incredible.

To only have known all of this 20 years ago.

If you have soft water yours will probably lather just fine. Hard water, not so much. Don't worry, don't use more, just got through the motions. Lather is also determined by how often you shampoo and what styling products you may use.
"Lather is moot, lather is moot", I had to keep telling myself.

GBGP shampoos also make great body washes. Men really appreciate having one product that has more than one usage.

Well, that's my two-cents.

Below is some information from a press release for GBGP:

— Lorri Weisen, a local salon owner and wife of a two-time cancer survivor, was motivated to find a healthy, toxin free shampoo to offer her clients. Distraught with the choices available, she created her own brand of hair care, dispelling the myth that you have to sacrifice lather and luxury, to achieve health and wellness.

Greenbody Greenplanet, an organically based and toxin free hair care line, has been available since January 2009 at Hairs to You Salon & Boutique in Roseville. Lorri Weisen, owner and founder of the growing line, feels it’s time to expand into the community and share it with other salons and spas that share her belief and want to offer healthier alternatives to their clients. StormSister Spatique of St.Paul (that's me!) will be the first business to carry the chemical-free line.

“I've been doing a sort-of delicate tap dance for the last few years,” says Weisen, whose husband’s battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma made her question the chemicals in the products we use, and how those chemicals affect our health. “Not everyone wanted to hear what I had to say or shared in the same beliefs I did, so I stepped lightly. Lately things have changed. Consumers are getting savvier, but there is still a long way to go and salons are slow to jump on board."

With many years as a salon owner, Weisen understands the challenges in the beauty industry. "It's self regulated and marketing is king, which means the same company that creates a product, also tests for its safety. Kind of like the fox watching the hen house. There are a lot of companies out there claiming to be clean, green and organic but the truth is─ most are simply lying to us. It’s very frustrating. I searched and experimented for over a year to find products worthy of selling to my clients and came up empty handed each time, that’s why I created Greenbody Greenplanet. My hope is that I can make a positive impact in an industry that I love while helping others understand the importance of healthy beauty”.

StormSister would like to suggest that they get crackin' on a "fiberous" pomade/styling cream. Pomades are sorely lacking in the "green" haircare movement.
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