Sunday, March 21, 2010

NONTOXIQUE and Congress

NONTOXIQUE CEO and Founder, Sheila Mossberg, is on her way to DC to testify before Congress about the McCain Bill S3002.
Sheila believes it is "essentially the beginning of a ban on nutritional supplements in the US."

Many are stating McCain is 'revisiting' this bill. (Thank you, Mr. McCain.)

I agree with Sheila and her desire to address Congress on this matter. She is doing something. Not simply bitching about it. I highly respect that.

I received the following email from her this afternoon:

I am going to share my story of cosmetic toxicity with congress and express how important nutritional supplements were in getting my body detoxed and well. Wellness is a huge part of our industry as you know the increase in spa services and even naturopathic doctors or chiropractors supports that.

I am going to voice my concerns as it relates to my experience and how important it is to make sure bills like this never see the day of light because they infringe on our most basic freedom of choice in how we care for ourselves. Further more, with this sector of our industry growing, it would literally cripple it and hurt many areas of health and beauty all together.

I am so committed to making a difference beyond just safe great products. I am also acting as a voice for those who share my concerns as well.

I thought that in support of Natural products and my trip to DC, you could run a special for all your customers to support me, a local business owner working to make a difference and you, a local business owner who supports local brands. Buying natural ensures that we will retain our freedom to have that choice.

I'm more than happy to do just that, Sheila.

Sheila arrives in DC on Monday, March 22. On that day the first 22 people in StormSister Spatique will receive 22% off all NONTOXIQUE products.
March 23rd is the actual date she testifies before Congress. The first 23 people in StormSister Spatique will receive 23% off all NONTOXIQUE products.

This is an exclusive offer with StormSister Spatique and is not available online or with any other NONTOXIQUE retailer.
If you are not able to stop by, please call (877 455 4668) to place your order and we will ship it to you.

Kick some ass, sister!
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