Friday, March 5, 2010

L-Lysine for your L-Lips

I'm prone to cold sores and I've tried everything, short of a prescription.
I believe I have found the remedy! At least for me and a handful of other folks I have shared my secret with.

As you know, herpes is forever. So, all we can do is manage the breakouts.
The following remedy keeps them from exploding their crazy all over your lips. The trick is always being prepared and to catch said eruption in time.
What does "being prepared" mean? It means that you need to have these two items within arms reach as soon as you feel that familiar itch/tingle.
I keep both in my handbag. If you're a man and don't fancy a man bag, keep these at work and at home.

1000 mg of L-Lysine. L-Lysine is an amino acid that is found in many foods. I get mine from my local supplement store.
Herpecin-L - This is a lip balm that I pick up from my local drug store.

As soon as I feel that tingle/itch, I immediately apply the balm.
There is something to be said about catching the monster early as you know how quickly those blisters grow.
Then I pop two of the L-Lysine. It's amazing how quickly everything begins to subside.
I continue to apply the balm to the inflamed area.
Then at night before bed I pop another L-Lysine and then again in the morning.

Truly, even if you don't catch it immediatly, do the above two steps as soon as possible as I swear it cuts healing time in half.
Once everything is gone, discontinue regimen.

To cover my arse, be certain to speak with your doctor about taking supplemental L-Lysine as there may be some contraindication with it and another medication you may be taking. And, we certainly don't want you to be solving one dilemma and having let's say, your liver fall out.
So, talk to your doc.
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