Monday, March 22, 2010

Dayna Devon Reveals

TV Host Dayna Devon Reveals Her Nips and Tucks
An excerpt from Stylist by Marissa Gold

Spending ten years interviewing the world's biggest celebrities on "Extra" taught Dayna Devon a thing or two.

The Texas-born TV host moved to Hollywood for her Extra gig, and her easy-going personality and star-quality looks earned her much success. Not to mention the affection of a plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent Moelleken, whom Devon ended up marrying.

"He introduced me to fillers" (link to StormSister's favorite) said Devon who is a spokeswoman for a popular wrinkle filler. "I just think it's great that we have these options now," she explained. "I love them!"

Devon isn't shy about chatting revealing what she's had done, and doesn't understand why things have to be so hush-hush.

"Members of the [Extra] crew would knock on my door and whisper 'I have to ask you a question. What about this? Or this?'" Luckily for the crew, Devon openly dispensed advice based on her experience. "I've had these lines done [she gestures to the nose-to-mouth lines] and Botox," she reveals.

While we wouldn't be surprised if Devon's perfectly chiseled facial features were the result of more invasive procedures, she insists she sticks to the temporary ones, like aforementioned filler and eyelash extensions.

"You wake up in the morning and they're like, bing! You go to the gym and they're like bing!" she laughs at her foray into doe-eyed-ness (a StormSister favorite).
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