Friday, February 26, 2010

The Flying Tomato

Shaun White is one of the reasons I enjoy the Winter Olympics. What's not to like. How charismatic is this guy?! As well as talented, of course. He just makes me smile.

I have a thing for ginger kids. Ever since one popped into my life almost 15 years ago, I have been fascinated by the world that they live in - Trust me, it is very different than ours. But, that is a whole different post.
I especially love a red-headed boy with curls and when it's long, I just want to give them a hug and be their best friend!

Thanks to @thescissorboy, I came across this article. 

I think Shaun White would be the perfect candidate for Kinky-Curly.
"Hotel shampoo and conditioner"?! Ick.
Shaun, you wouldn't need to wear a hat (not that you don't look cute in a hat) for a day if you weren't using a shampoo that is too strong for that mane of yours. That's the reason your hair can be so bushy and the reason you need to wear the hat so it calms down that crazy.

I have a shampoo and conditioner for your curly locks, Shaun. Pick me, pick me!
Methinks Shelly Davis from KC, may want to get on this ;o)
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