Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Field of Dreams

An excerpt from the March edition of American Spa Magazine. 
Article by Heather Mikesell

If ever there was a fragrance associated with the world of spa, it would have to be lavender, a blossoming herb in the mint family that is native to the sun-soaked hills of the Mediterranean.. With its universally appealing scent, it has long been a popular ingredient in soaps, perfumes and other products. In fact, the name lavender is derived from the Latin root lavare, which means to wash.
Possessing a calming fragrance, this violet-blue blossom lends itself to a relaxing environment. If that isn't incentive enough to consider adding lavender to your life, then consider the fact that lavender is also a natural remedy with a host of healing benefits.

Lynne Vertrees, spa director at The LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort (TX) claims the health benefits range from relieving pain to serving as a natural sleep aid.

It should come as no surprise the fact that lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oils. According to Kayla Fioravanti, a certified aromatherapist, lavender is a scent that appeals to most people. "I have found very few people who dislike the aroma of lavender, and oftentimes, they dislike it only because they have a negative memory attached to it," she says.

"Lavender calms the nerves and relieves mental exhaustion," says spa director Stacey Parks. She also credits the scent to opening the airways, providing headache relief.

Although lavender is better known for its mood-enhancing abilities, it is also beneficial for the skin. It is ideal for treating a variety of conditions because it is both anit-inflammatory and antiseptic. It can be applied directly on the skin to treat blisters, bruises, insect bites, and sunburn as well as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and more. It is one of the few essential oils that be applied directly to the skin without being diluted.
However, overuse can dry the skin. Overall though, lavender is a natural remedy that can be used to aid with cell renewal and heal wounds. Just as it soothes the senses, lavender essential oil can also be used to soothe the skin--making it the ideal ingredient you won't want to be without.

StormSister says, "Clearly I have more lotions and potions that contain this herb than I thought!"
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