Friday, January 29, 2010

A bar of shampoo?

Bodylish Down to Earth bar
Yes, a shampoo bar - a bar of soap that you may use for shampoo, or to shave and bathe with.

This is a completely foreign concept for me. Being a hairdresser, shampoo is supposed to be liquid and in a bottle, right?

I remember once using a bar of soap in my hair. I was all out of shampoo and gave it a whirl. What a mistake. Dirty hair would have been better than that fiasco. Ugh.
So, when I recently started to read more and more about the all-purpose shampoo bar, I thought well, if it does work, men will love it - shampoo, shave and wash with one product? Score! I'll have to get some of those, IF they really work, I thought.

I have shoulder length hair and did not feel like I would be a good candidate for this experiment. Won't that bar get tangled in my tresses? What if it gets stuck? What if it wrecks it? (because that is the goal of the artisan who is making and selling shampoo bars. Be rational, Becky.) What if.....?

What if it was a lovely experience and I couldn't believe the creamy, rich, lathery goodness that rinsed completely out of my hair and did not dull the shine?
How is that possible? Is it the kukui nut or cocoa seed butters? Who cares. It works and is full of all kinds of goodness.
Nora at Bodylish knows what she is doing.

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