Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Guys' Turn

Ladies have been really into the RenewLash and RenewBrow (soon to change to LiLash and LiBrow) for a while now.
And, the guys are beginning to notice what's happening.

In regard to women, there is more lash stimulator selling versus brow stimulator. - Though, you ladies who were plucking heavily in the 70's and 80's could really use the brow stimulator. (hint hint)
Come now, you're drawing in and tattooing your brows. We all know it. - RenewBrow really works, you should try it.

As I mentioned earlier, the guys are noticing and they want in on the action.

I am beginning to notice more and more sales of both products to men. Though, an interesting difference is that they are purchasing slightly more brow stimulator.
I'm curious about this.
All of the years I spent doing hair, I don't remember one gentlemen who had thin brows. In fact, I did a lot of brow trimming.
But hey, what do I know.

Now, if they would hurry up and come out with that haircare line.
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