Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was SO disappointed to find out this segment didn't make it on the ShopGirls' show. That's what happens when you get three product whores together to talk beauty products. Kripes.

Anyhoo, here is Allison Kaplan sporting the new faux fur Knot-a-Schmata by Kimberly Goldfarb.
Is it a cozy hair accessory or a toasty neck cuff? It's both!

Allison, Alexis and I were having so much fun with this new "fur" hair accessory that I was completely unaware that we were not on the air at that time.
I have a few left, more are in production, as they were quite a hit at The Affair.

Just like the other Knot-a-Schmata's, because of the various fabric choices these are only available in the Spatique and not online.
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