Thursday, November 19, 2009

GLEE, how I Love Thee

If you're not already watching GLEE or don't, even though I implore you to do so, we cannot be friends. You're just not cool. Plain and simple.

Two words. Jane Lynch.

I am so in love with that show, I cannot even explain.

Glee is one of those shows that simply must be TIVO'd. There are so many little bits of brilliance in each show that you simply must be able to rewind it and re-watch certain scenes.

I was watching it late last night.
There is always something in it that just makes me bust out laughing.
This weeks' line that sent me over the edge was said by Tina.
"All of this baby drama is making my rosacea act up". she says as the glee club kids are standing around their lockers, embroiled in the teenage pregnancy dilemma of Finn and Quinn.

Ok, that's funny. I'm just sayin'. Maybe you have to be a skincare geek, but that's ok. I am and I'm not ashamed.
I realize that I "get it" on a different level than most, but if I would have been drinking a beverage at the time, I would have spit up.

Personally, I have never seen an Asian woman with rosacea. I'm sure one must exist (maybe), I just don't know where.
Asian women worship their white skin and spend lots of money taking great care of it.
70% of whitening/lightening products are purchased by Asian women.
There are a lot of studies to suggest sun over-exposure, alcohol, smoking all contribute to or aggravate this condition. StormSister Spatique loves the Phytoceane Calmocea range to calm the redness.

I hope that quote was just another fine example of the brilliant writing in GLEE and that it was specifically intended to be spoken by Tina.

Now, program GLEE into your DVR/VCR. DO IT!
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