Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty Clunkers

Grab a box or bag and go to the bathroom cabinet/drawer that houses all of your beauty "clunkers". Open the door. There may or may not be a lot of product in there. Breathe, it's ok.
Now, fill up the box.
You know you have a cabinet/drawer filled with stuff. We all do.

We've all purchased product that just didn't work like we thought it would. So, whether it is haircare, nailcare or bodycare, we've spent a lot of money on all of those lotions, potions and serums. It's ok. Breathe.

When you've filled up your box, bring it in. I'll tell you what to keep (and how to rework it), what to toss and maybe suggest some products to save up your pennies for.
For all of your trouble, I'll give you a gift certificate for one item at 50% off and some samples to try.
The stuff we toss, I'll make certain the packaging gets recycled.

Truly, I want to help. No judgements.

It'll be fun. I promise.
Plus, you're going to have a cleaner closet.

Give me a jingle. We'll set up an appointment.
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