Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Alfaparf Illuminating Mousse
Alfaparf Illuminating Mousse.

Supposedly it has diamond dust in it. Not sure if it is that or the linseed oil or the other plant oils. But, it's pretty spectacular.

So, if you're getting low on your current foaming styler, give this one a whirl.
Alfaparf, a brand out of Italy, is really catching my eye. You'll be seeing more of it soon.

How much mousse should you be using? Start with a marshmallow size mound at first. Style your hair. If you feel like you need more, add a bit more the next time you rinse and style.

When should you use mousse and when should you use gel?
My rule of thumb is gel on thicker hair and mousse on finer, thinner hair.
This isn't always the case, but it is a good place to start or to consider if you aren't in love with your styling products.

Like with any haircare product, mousses are not created equal. Consider your stylists recommendation (or mine :o) . There really is a difference between professional and non professional products.
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