Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Verdict

It's in. We have the proof. LiLash works!
I have written about Lilash in previous posts.

I was not the guinea pig for this particular experiment. Meeg (my luscious side-kick) was/is the victim.
Why not me? Simple. I love my volumizing mascara and have never had a burning desire to have longer lashes - I love false eyelashes and wear them occasionally, but it is hard enough keeping the inside of my glasses clean from my own lashes, let alone having doe-like lashes.
I have plenty of product addictions and need to pick my vices wisely.

It has been 3-4 weeks since Meeg began using LiLash. She has been waiting patiently for the comments from friends and strangers to start pouring in. Certainly it would happen, right? Because she could tell.
Well, she just informed me that this past week, several people asked her if she was wearing false eyelashes. Yay!

Meeg works most weekends, from 10-2. Stop in and stare at her.
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