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Phytoceane Hydracea Skincare

HYDRACÉA for Dehydrated and Dry Skin

Balance in hydration is vital for the health and luminosity of the skin. 80% of all skin conditions are caused by dehydration. Phytocéane of France, offers a wide range of products designed to eliminate any level of dehydration and dryness.
Hydration is the heart of Phytocéane and restoring hydration to all skin types is the goal of the Hydracéa collection.

JANIA RUBENS: maintains the structure of the skin barrier, stimulates natural moisture retaining mechanisms, mineralizes, rebalances the epidermal structure, deeply and lastingly moisturizes.

Phytocéane research has discovered that Jania Rubens undergoes a special process known as calcification. This process allows the Jania Rubens to form a protective shell in which it will concentrate minerals and trace elements from seawater, including calcium, which is needed to maintain healthy desmosomes (protein bonds).
Researchers have used the mineral-rich properties of this protective shell to prevent desmosomes from breaking in the epidermis. By providing an abundant supply of calcium, Jania Rubens makes up for any deficiency of this element in the skin. This strengthens cellular cohesion, and in turn reduces the loss of water, NMF, and lipids.
The stratum corneum is restructured and optimal functioning of the cutaneous barrier is ensured.

Moisture Defense Cream - all skin types. Contains a unique ingredient: PANIOPSIS ( certified ingredient )
The southern region of Provence along the Mediterranean coast is home to a seaside plant: Paniopsis. This aromatic plant grows near salt marshes in a dry and sunny climate. To protect itself from its extreme environment, it secretes a resin that covers it’s leaves to form a natural shield.

Also contains: SWEET ALMOND OIL: softening, moisturizing
AVOCADO OIL: moisturizing, regenerating

Continuously hydrates for more than 6 hours after application.
Protects skin from harsh environmental factors.
Light, fresh and silky texture.
Subtle fragrance.
Excellent make-up base.

Apply morning and/or evening to entire face and neck to thoroughly cleansed skin.

RICH NOURISHING CREAM - dry and very dry skin.
Contains: APRICOT OIL: softening and nourishing
SHEA BUTTER: improves cellular cohesion; repairing, nourishing, softening and protective
Hydrolipidic film is restored, skin achieves long term hydration, the radiance of the complexion is enhanced.
Smooth texture brings comfort and hydration instantly and long term.
Skin is soft, supple and perfectly nourished.

Apply morning and/or evening to clean skin.

SECOND SKIN NIGHT CREAM - dehydrated, dry and very dry skin
Contains: Oleo -Hydrating Complex : (complex of three plant waxes: Candelilla wax, rice bran wax, jojoba wax) ultra hydrating and nourishing; limits water loss.
Creates a “cushion” of water over skin.
Provides natural and lasting hydrating effect, while allowing skin to oxygenate itself.
Diminishes skin’s water loss.
Soft, velvety texture.
Apply a medium to thick layer in the evening to cleansed skin. For very dry skin apply Moisturizing Serum prior to Second Skin Night Cream.

MOISTURIZING SERUM - all skin types
BUTTERFLY LAVENDER OIL: restructuring for lipidic content of intercellular cement
SHEA BUTTER: moisturizing, softening and protective

Restores hydrolipidic film.
Immediately and lastingly moisturizes and softens the skin.
Brings suppleness and a bright complexion.
Ideal for changes in seasons or during periods of intense dehydration.
Light, non-greasy texture.
Versatile product can be used under usual cream when needed to boost hydration levels, always under usual cream for extremely dry skin, or as a light day or night moisturizer for moderately dehydrated skin.

Apply morning and/or evening to entire face and neck, before or as your daily moisturizing cream (day and/or night).

Contains: SWEET ALMOND OIL: softening and hydrating
ILLIPE BUTTER: moisturizing; brings suppleness

Moisturizes and restores hydrolipidic film.
Brings suppleness and softness to skin.
Brightens complexion.
Excellent under makeup.

Apply morning and/or evening to clean skin.
Contains: JOJOBA WAX: nourishing, moisturizing, anti free-radical

Like a bath of hydration, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes.
Brings suppleness and softness.
Complexion is luminous, the epidermis is refreshed.

Apply once or twice a week after exfoliating (a medium layer for dehydrated skin and a thick layer for dry and very dry skin) to entire face and neck avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse after 10 to 15 minutes and tone.
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