Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chemicals in Shampoo

Several months ago the headline was aimed at children's body/hair care products.
I remember thinking that if those ingredients are bad for kids, why wouldn't they be bad for everyone?

Shampoo is supposed to clean your hair of dirt and oils that accumulated throughout the day, but smelling fresh won’t do you any good if you’re scrubbing harmful chemicals into your scalp. A recently released report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Use revealed that a number of companies that manufacture children’s bath products have added formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane to their formulas, both of which are thought to increase susceptibility to cancer in lab rats and contribute to chronic disease and certain disabilities. According to Dr. Catherine Karr, assistant professor at the University of Washington and director of the Pediatric Environmental Health Unit, both substances are considered to be human carcinogens, which means they're high health hazards. "It does not make public health sense to put carcinogens in children's products that will be used in such a way that repeated direct exposure will occur." Be sure to read the ingredients of your bath products carefully to avoid these harmful substances.

Hey, maybe I'm overreacting with the ingredient fixation that I have for just about EVERYTHING (I don't think so, but maybe you think I'm a nervous nelly).
Do we really want to put formaldehyde, dioxane, etc., on our skin? Ask yourself that question.
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